Taipei, Shanghai, and Guangzhou would be able to strengthen their interaction and engage in closer cooperation

The organizer of the Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai Art Museum Executive Director Li Lei, the organizer of the Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Art Director Wang Huang-sheng were among five representatives who arrived in Taiwan on Monday, February 18 for a six-day visit at the invitation of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, organizer of the Taipei Biennial.Taipei Fine Arts Museum Director Hsieh Hsiao-yun said that the main purpose of the visit was to discuss and reach a consensus on an official cooperation between the Taipei Biennial, the Shanghai Biennial, and the Guangzhou Triennial.Hsieh Hsiao-yun said that the Taipei Biennial, which is normally held in November, will be moved to September, the same month that other major Asian biennials are held.By timing its opening with other major Asian biennials, the Taipei Biennial can both compete and cooperate with them, especially in the area of international marketing, creating a win-win strategy for each exhibition.This time the Taipei Fine Arts Museum invited the directors of the Shanghai Art Museum and Guangdong Museum of Art to personally come to Taiwan to discuss the plan. The response has been positive and a preliminary consensus on cooperation has already been reached.Strategy was the primary consideration in desiring to time the exhibitions of the three museums so closely together, and since all three exhibitions will be based in art museums, there will be a special emphasis on presenting topical exhibition content in a professional artistic and academic framework.The cooperation between the three exhibitions will include the following: media and publicity cooperation, marketing cooperation between exhibition websites, joint invitations and group tours for invited guests and artists, as well as jointly held symposiums held by the three organizers .The three exhibition organizers hope that this initial cooperation can expand theeffectiveness of the exhibitions and enhance meaningful exploration of art and culture.Apart from reaching a consensus on cooperation between the three exhibitions, Hsieh Hsiao-yun, Li Lei and Wang Huang-sheng said that they hoped that in the future the art museums of Taipei, Shanghai, and Guangzhou would be able to strengthen their interaction and engage in closer cooperation.

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